But it is one thing to read about dragons, and another to meet them.

Ursula K. Le Guin – A Wizard of Earthsea

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Writer, blogger, lover of all things fantastical, especially dragons. Currently revising/editing a high fantasy novel (Cave of Whispers), querying Sci-Fi short stories and collecting vintage cookbook for a retro cookbook project. My career has included book seller, used/rare book buyer and bookstore manager. Certified book geek.

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Lysia slid off the tall stool and stood, leaning to stretch her back. She ran her fingers through her hair and groaned. “Those notes are worthless; just scrambled, vague sayings about a cave full of dragon bones inhabited by restless spirits. If they wouldn’t talk with any of you, why would they talk with me?

Her grandfather smiled. “You have strong animal magic.”

Animal magic,” she emphasized, “not dragon magic.”

“Maybe it will be enough.” 

J.L. Henker, Cave of Whispers (Coming 2022)