What If I Told You You’re Never Too Old to Follow Your Ultimate Dreams?

The other morning I was getting ready to go out and spotted a slip of paper from a fortune cookie sitting on the corner of my desk. I remember collecting it months ago and had forgotten about it. Somehow, on this particular morning, it magically showed up.

As a person of an age where every moment counts, I was happy for the reminder. I’ve been working on my fantasy novel ever since I retired over eight years ago, and questioned the wisdom of starting a writing career at this point in my life. I ignored the doubt and persisted. The novel is complete and in final edits. It’s been a wonderful journey where I’ve met many other writers, both young and old, who have inspired and encouraged me on my journey.

I remember how overwhelmed I felt when I realized it wasn’t just about writing a book. There was an author’s webpage to build, social media to engage, workshops to attend and organizations to join. I’ve managed to navigate it all even though I knew nothing about any of it when I started. It took a lot of time attending workshops, watching YouTube videos and Googling for answers. I’ve learned a lot, and all this creativity has kept my mind sharp and my curiosity honed.

I recently started a YouTube Channel where I interview indie and small press women fantasy authors. Did I have any idea how to start a YouTube Channel and do interviews? Absolutely none, but I decided to do it anyway and realized it’s something I absolutely love. It’s very sobering to set a critical eye on yourself in a video, but I keep improving and my channel is growing. If you’re interested, please check it out here: Women Fantasy Authors Channel. Also, if you are an indie (or small press) female fantasy author and would like to inquire about being interviewed, please email me.

Need some inspiration?

  • Tamae Watanabe (73) is the oldest women to climb Mount Everest
  • Doris Lessing won the Nobel Peace Price in Literature at age 88
  • Deidre Wolownick climbed El Capitan in Yosemite on her 70th birthday
  • Drag’n Fly hiked the entire Appalachian Trail at 74
  • Jane Champion continues to make award-winning films at age 68
  • Nancy Birtwhistle won the Great British Bake-off at age of 60 and now has a new career teaching, writing & judging
  • Lynn Wilder (a high school friend) landed a contract to design a fabric collection for a major company at age 70
  • Meet Tao Porchon-Lynch, the world’s oldest competitive ballroom dancer.

It shouldn’t matter whether your goal is to learn to paint, write your memoir or climb a mountain, you can find support and resources to help you attain your goal. You may surprise yourself, and your grandkids and friends will be impressed too.

Create an Adventure!

Last year’s trip to the Sierra, and a hike up the Pacific Crest Trail
Me recently exploring Pinnacles National Park .

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