Just released, June 22, 2022. Proceeds from this his all-genre anthology will benefit The National Women’s Law Center.

Open Your Mouth is a collection of genre fiction by talented writers that features a variety of strong women: vampires, professionals, comic-book heroines, ghosts, survivors, criminals, and more. Every single cent of profit from this anthology will be donated to a charity. So read on, and keep creating, supporting, or being strong women.

Contributing authors include Melissa Tavares, Joy Kennedy-O’Neill, Chantell Renee, Jennifer Schomburg Kanke, Jason Myers, Julie Harding, Shawn W. Foley, Donelle Pardee Whiting, Patricia Flaherty Pagan, Melissa Algood, Jessica Raney, Chris McAuley, J.L. Henker, and Jae Mazer. Cover design by Lisa Vasquez of Unsaintly Art Studios.

Included in this anthology is my short story A View from the Mountain: Kids, Coyotes and a Wishing Tree. Available on Amazon.