Released in honor of Gay Pride Month 2023, this all-genre anthology from Not A Pipe Publishing celebrates the voices of Queer authors. My sci-fi short story ‘You’re Really Going to Cook That?‘ is included.

Created in opposition to Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill, Written With Pride is an anthology exclusively filled with short stories by authors who all belong to the broad and beautiful spectrum of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The 2023 California Writer’s Club, Redwood Chapter Anthology includes my personal narrative on losing my hometown (Paradise, California) during the Camp Fire in 2018.

A bit of a detour from my normal fantasy/science fiction flash and short stories, I wanted to share my memories of what was lost as well as hope for rebuilding and rebirth.

Released, June 22, 2022. Proceeds from this his all-genre anthology will benefit The National Women’s Law Center.

Open Your Mouth is a collection of genre fiction by talented writers that features a variety of strong women: vampires, professionals, comic-book heroines, ghosts, survivors, criminals, and more. Every single cent of profit from this anthology will be donated to a charity. So read on, and keep creating, supporting, or being strong women.

Included in this anthology is my short story A View from the Mountain: Kids, Coyotes and a Wishing Tree. Available on Amazon.