What’s all the fuss about prologues?

So what do you think? Hate them or love them? Think its old school? Don’t care? Personally, I’ve never been bothered by prologues. I think they can add dimension and interest at the beginning of a story that might be hard to build in elsewhere. Besides, George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) has shown us you can break most of the “so-called” rules and be wildly successful.

Break the Rules.png

I think rules should apply “lightly” in science fiction and fantasy. Aren’t we out here to stretch the boundaries and make stuff up? Why be confined by other people’s opinions about the correct way to write? I believe the best way to write a story is to write YOUR story. Sure, you need to work with editors and beta readers and be diligent with follow-up editing so you’re confident it’s the best it can be. But will a prologue make or break you? Nah. If you want to do one and it enriches your story, go ahead. There will be readers, agents, publishers who will love it.

ancient antique armor armour

Photo by Maria Pop on Pexels.com

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