I need a what? Can’t I just write? ::sigh::

A little over three years ago, I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream to write a novel. My current fantasy story idea came from a dream image, so that’s how it began. I sat down, asked my characters what the image was about and started writing. They haven’t let me down. The story has found it’s own way in spite of my inexperience, doubts and trepidation. My writer’s group has helped me improve with every chapter and now I have a complete first draft. Major editing in progress.

But no one told me once I decided to go on this journey about how to prepare for the business of writing, I was well into my draft when I realized I needed a webpage, Facebook page and twitter account. I found out that if I ever hoped people would read my book (besides my friends & family) I needed a WRITERS PLATFORM. Ugh…I though it was all about the writing. Big surprise. So I’ve set aside the magic, dragons and heroines for a while to focus on the business side of things. There’s been other rude surprises along the way, but those will have to wait for another post.


It’s been daunting, but there’s a lot of help out there. I’ve joined a local writer’s group (become published in my first anthology), attended a writers conference, took a fiction writing class and follow the twitter accounts of authors I like and admire (Here’s a few: @LAGilman, @KameronHurley, @naominovik, @veschwab. @fran_wilde. @JulietEMcKenna, @NobleDeadOrg). There’s a lot to learn, but these successful authors are leading the way.

Twitter was easy (@jlhenker). I enjoy the extremely social aspect of this tool as well as keeping current with other authors, editors, agents and fantasy fans. Not sure how I’ll do with blogging, but I’m headed to WorldCon in August, and needed to have these links on my business card. Wanted to be ready to connectwith other fantasy nerds.

I hope you are finding your way through the twisted, winding tunnels of being/becoming an author. And I hope to see you at WorldCon!I nee

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