“What I learned @WorldCon76” or “That was crazy amazing!”

It was my first WorldCon. Yes, I was a total noob. Made all the noob mistakes: trying to fit too much into every day, forgetting to eat, drink enough water, staying up way to late, etc. But I wanted to relish every last morsel…and I did.

It’s taken me over a week to decompress and feel somewhat back to normal. Problem is, I don’t want to feel “normal.” I want to be back in the community of crazy creativity, open minds and favorite authors. A community that welcomes everyone from across the spectrum and strives for progressive politics to making the world a better place and pushes the boundary of normalcy through our art and/or fandom.  I’m having WorldCon withdrawal!

Con Dragon

Kudos to the organizers for having such diverse speakers/presenters and the Mexicanix Initiative which brought in the first Mexicanix artist  of honor (John Picacio) and featured expanded representation in all aspects of the con. My mind and creative juices were widened a hundred fold at every panel and special presentation. How wonderful to hear N.K Jemisin’s Hugo acceptance speech, listen to Anne Leckie and John Scalzi read from upcoming works, attend the Steampunk and Regency Balls and hear Spider Robinson interviews in person!

I learned that these are important: our diversity as a community, our willingness to confront the atrocities of the current administration (i.e. opening ceremonies statement below), our desire to include everyone at the table, to celebrate our differences and to recognize our own deficiencies and how to do better. The SciFi community is brave, wild, diverse, vocal, talented, weird and crazy wonderful. Proud to count myself a card-carrying member. Can’t wait to go again.


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