Smashcuts, Sequels and All that Jazz

Smashcut. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Gonna ‘Smashcut’ that chapter! Not a screenwriter, so it was new terminology to me; describes an abrupt cut from one scent to another); a neat little tool that I’ve apparently used unknowing in my fiction writing. And something similar: a classic Jump Cut (cut between the exact shot, creating the effect of jumping forward in time). An example from 2001: A Space Odyssey:

These clever visual tools can be incorporated into fiction with much the same effect.

Here’s a list from our friends at Pixar regarding story development:

In a recent writing workshop, I also learned about the use of Sequel. After an action scene, it’s important to describe follow-up: what was the protagonist’s reaction to what just happened. What do they do now? What scene does it cue up to happen next? An effective way to deepen POV.

Where does Jazz fit into all of this? Use references to music (not necessarily jazz) to enrich your readers experience. A tool used by some of the greatest.

The Place of Jazz in Modern Literature:

Take a moment to listen to some Coltrane and chill:

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